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Dress The Professional

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An extremely cool way of knowing the professionals and how they dress up ! Easy identification of different professions! 10 different profession (Air Hostess , Astronaut , Bowler , Chef , Lawyer , Mechanic , Nurse , Police ,Singer & Teacher)

    How To Play:

    • Once you open the box , you will find cut outs for different professionals in parts like head , body and the lower body.
    • A plate with a male and female body structure is given.
    • A child has to assemble the head , body and the lower body of same profession into the plate. 


    • Learn Sorting
    • Develops Cognitive Skills
    • Recognition of Different professions
    • Recognition of what different professional wear

    Items Included: 

    • A wooden Box 2.30 cut outs
    • wooden plank with male and female !!

    Age: 3-12 years

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