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Early Stacker

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Early Stacker
Tote, carry and stack.

Block play is such an important part of the early childhood years. At this stage, one of the first activities is the act of carrying around the blocks or piling them. It is a full sensory experience as the child experiences the smoothness, the weight, the size, and the sounds they make when they bang or drop the blocks. In this stage, the child is learning about blocks and what she can do with the blocks.

This is when your toddler may work up to stacking three blocks on top of each other. Building a tower requires your child to line up and balance one block on top of the other and letting go at just the right time, so it does not fall. Soon, your toddler might build a five-block tower, then stack up to seven a little while later. At this point, building together with your child becomes a special time to see them build and knock over for fun and the challenge of recreating it.

These blocks are thoughtfully designed and crafted in European Beech and Birchwood and finished with food-grade linseed oil making them completely soft and smooth for little hands, as well as totally mouth safe. Beech and Birchwood ensures that the blocks are stable, smooth and strong.

Includes: Early Stacker set contains Solid Blocks.

Age: 10 months and above

Key Features: 

  • Sensorial skill
  • Gross motor skill
  • Fine motor skill

Material: Beech and Birchwood

Color: Hand Painted (Different Shades of Green)

Care Instructions: Wipe with a dry coth

Please Note: This product is open for pre-order. Deliveries will begin by 06th October. 

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