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Space Explorer

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The sun went down

It was night

You could see the stars and planets

What a lovely sight!

Moon, astronauts and aliens remain a subject of interest to the youngest of the children. For parents, the first few lullabies across the world touch upon the moon or stars. Growing children are intrinsically gravitated towards observing the sky and asking questions. Space plays a vital role in free play.

Our Space Explorer Ball has 8 planets, Sun, Moon, an astronaut in her spaceship and a friendly alien. Each Space Explorer Ball element has been hand-crafted and hand-painted with utmost care to bring out its uniqueness and relevance in play and knowledge. Learning about the solar system can allow children to gain a greater appreciation of the frailness of Earth, especially knowing why your planet is extra special.

The Space Explorer Ball allows a very young child to free play- where she senses the texture, observed different shapes, listens to names of the planets from her primary caregiver and growing to create her own narratives (speech and language development) as she plays. Watch her tell you stories about the spaceship or meeting an alien.

Each Space Explorer Ball element is a single piece of wood that has been hand-made and hand-sanded by local artisans and hand-painted with child-friendly, non-toxic paint making it completely safe for little hands.

Space Explorer Ball has 8 planets, Sun, Moon, an astronaut in her spaceship and a friendly alien. It also contains Solar system cards, Sticker and a colouring sheet

Includes: 12 Pieces

Age: 3 year and above

Key Features: 

  • Speech and Language skills Imaginative play
  • Free Play
  • Open Ended Play

Material: Sustainable wood

Color: Hand Painted (Colours of the Galaxy and the Solar System)

Dimension: The Galaxy Ball is 11-12 inches in diameter. The Ball would easily cover the adult palm. The planets are ranging between 3, 2.5 and 2 cm in diameter. The astronaut and martian are 2-3cm tall. Spacecraft is 5 cm tall.

Care Instructions: Wipe with a dry coth

Please Note: Dispatch will be start after 05th December

Name of Packer/ Importer / Manufacturer: Even and Odd toys private limited

Address of Packer/ Importer / Manufacturer: 63/2771, Bandra Rosewood Cooperative Housing Society, Gandhi Nagar, Bandra East,  Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400051

Country Of Origin: India

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