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Write + Color Your Own Storybook

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This is a fun way to make your children storytellers and help them write their first book (with superheroes)! It will remain a treasured item for years to come. It contains a Letter factory to help your child with words and pages of illustrations to show the development of a story starting with friendship, a twist in the development of the story and finally a resolution.

Each page has a clue picture on the top to show what is important in the development of the story. Your child can choose a superhero that he identifies with and use the stickers provided in the illustrations on certain pages where the superhero appears. This is an opportunity for children to let their imaginations run wild and still stick to the plot of the story as it unfolds on each page. After your child finishes writing the story, he can color the pages to make this book truly his own creation. Perfect memorabilia of your child's first book!

Key Skills:
  • Creative thinking and imagination
  • Purposeful Discussion
  • Intellectual Stimulation
  • Logical Processing Skills

Age Group: 5-10 Years

Dimensions: 11*8*0.5 inches

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