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Bluish Bundle of Foam Alive (Bundle of 4)

Rs. 1,596
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Foam Alive is a soft, squishy, fluffy foam that magically comes to life. It's totally addictive fun as it moves in 'flow motion' and looks like it is melting. It's 'no mess' fun that you can serve again. It Flows! It Goes! It magically comes to life! Place Foam Alive in your hands and let it flow through your fingers! It looks like it is actually melting! Foam Alive is “Mess-Free” and easy to clean up. Plus it never dries out! You will be mesmerized for hours by how it moves and feels! Each Scoobies Foam Alive Flip Pack contains 40g of Foam Alive. Flip the pack and watch it move inside. Once you start playing with Foam Alive, you won’t be able to put it down! This Bundle contains4 Foam Alive Flip Pack.

Age: 2+

Material: Fluffy

Gender: Unisex

Country Of Origin: China


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