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Dinosaur Tail and Feet

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Kids are always FASCINATED with dinosaurs. Now, you can bring the world of dinosaurs to your kids with CocoMoco Dinosaur tail and feet. Kids get a chance to dress up like dinosaurs and pretend-play jungle games where they are the creatures of the past. 

This dinosaur costume for kids has anti-skid feet gloves which can be worn on feet as well as on hands. The soft tail can be adjusted around the waist with the help of an adjustable belt. Dino tail and feet come in two variants, blue and yellow colors. Dressed as little dinos they play for hours. Dino toys are a perfect distraction from mobile screens!

Reasonably priced, the dinosaur toy is the perfect dinosaur gift for boys and girls. This dinosaur toy for toddlers is A WINNER, give it to your child for their own DINOSAUR PARTY,  LAUGHTER, AND HAPPINESS! PLAYFUL DINOSAUR COSTUME FOR KIDS: This dinosaur toy is a perfect dinosaur gift for kids. Be it a birthday party or any play date, Dino tail and feet is a fun pretend play activity that will keep kids engaged for hours! Wearing the tail and putting on the gloves, kids can run around pretending to be dinosaurs!

GREAT PRETEND PLAY PROP: Gift this dinosaur gift and be welcomed with happy giggles! Toddlers and kids love this costume and want one! You can arrange for dinosaur games at parties and kids can act out like dinosaurs from Jurassic world! Easily washable, parents need not worry about children getting their hands dirty! Let them be all the dinosaurs they wish to be with this dino toy.

SKILLS: Kids become aware of the extinct species Dinosaurs--Improved General knowledge! Children learn about Dinosaurs and their names--Increased Curiosity! A perfect playdate prop--Kids play with other kids--Instills confidence and boosts communicative skills! A physical enhancer--Dinosaur tail and feet for kids makes kids active--Refines gross motor skills!

BEST RETURN GIFTS AND PARTY FAVOURS: Suitable for boys and girls. Throw a dinosaur theme birthday party or a jungle theme party for your kids and transform them into cute dinosaurs with this costume. You can surprise your kid's friends by gifting this happy and exciting gift as a return gift or party favor! All kids will go home with a huge smile getting their dinosaur costume.

Contents: One Dinosaur Tail with a belt. A pair of Dinosaur feet that can be worn as hand gloves as well. Easy to wear and made of safe material, dinosaur costumes for kids are fun to wear and enjoy free play! The box content comes in two color variants, however, product packed and shipped is done on random selection! Customers may not request any particular colour preference. 

Age: 2-4 years

Material: Cloths

Country of Origin: India

More Details

Name Of Manufacturer/ Packer/ Importer : Masala Pav Venture

Address Of Manufacturer/ Packer/ Importer : E162 Kalkaji New Delhi-110019

Country Of Origin : India

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