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MagAlpha Board

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MagAlpha Board is a magnetic writing learning tool for kids that is designed to provide interactive language learning & vocabulary development to kids. MagAlpha Board is a versatile & educational learning tool that comes with 26 alphabets (A to Z) and 2 additional emoticon magnetic pellets locked inside the board and a magnetic stylus to move the pellet/s inside, creating an audible click sound revealing your creation. It comes with 6 picture cards that make kids familiar with concepts like; alphabet & word formation, object recognition, animal recognition & more, providing kids with hands-on learning experiences and engaging kids in screen-free education. It can be easily carried to different places like school, home, casual trips, restaurants, or any other spot of your choice. It can also be used by teens & adults with innovative minds, who love experimenting with words & alphabets. MagAlpha is a valuable teaching tool for Montessori teachers & mums to teach kids who are beginning their primary learning. 


  • Multi-Usage - You might twist the game by playing it the other way around. For example, other than inserting the picture card inside the board, dictate words to kids and ask them to write them by dragging the alphabet pellets. You can do the same process with a wide range of things like objects, animals, birds, colors, insects, and more. Make it more fun, by asking kids to write their names on the board,
  • Premium Quality - It is made of non-toxic & kids-safe ABS plastic material. No worry about the pellets coming out, it is locked inside the plastic case. The magnetic stylus is designed to fit the little hands and provide a comfortable grip to them. The stylus comes with a strong magnetism to easily move the pellets inside.
  • Primary Development - It is an ideal way to learn the English alphabet, word formation, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary development. It can be also used in recognizing objects, animals, colors, and shapes. It provides kids with hand-eye coordination and helps them focus in a better way.
  • Fun Acitivities - MagAlpha can be used for organizing fun word games and puzzles, encouraging problem-solving skills as kids attempt to create words or solve work-related challenges. It can be also used for organizing team-bonding activities in school, office, college, or simply in kids' theme parties.

Material: PVC Plastic

How to Use: Insert a picture card of your choice inside the board and start with the activity mentioned on the card. For example; if you've inserted words matching card, then drag the initial of a word using the magnetic stylus. Let's say, 'Ant' is the word, drag the alphabet 'A' onto the word. Repeat the same process for the rest of the cards. In the case of cards consisting of picture/s, drag the alphabet by which that specific object starts. For example, there is a picture of a girl, kids need to drag the alphabet 'G.' To erase the alphabet, simply shuffle the board.

Pack Includes:

  • 1 MagAlpha Dots (with alphabet pellets (A to Z alphabets and 2 emoticons locked inside the plastic case)
  • 1 Magnetic Stylus
  • 6 picture cards consisting of words matching, alphabet matching, objects matching, animal matching, alphabet finding and words matching

Age: 3 Years to 12 Years

More Details

Name Of Manufacturer/ Packer/ Importer : Optimal Digitech Pvt.Ltd

Address Of Manufacturer/ Packer/ Importer : Optimal Digitech Pvt. Ltd, Plot No.- A-4/18, Sector -80, Phase -2, Noida, Gautam Buddha Nagar, U. P. -201305

Country Of Origin : China

Package Dimensions : 31.5 cms x 2.7 cms x 30.5 cms

Package Weight : 850 g

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