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Wooden Rainbow Blocks

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Wooden Acrylic Rainbow Blocks is the best open-ended toy you can gift your kid. Teach your child to count the pieces, name shapes, and identify colors with the help of this simple wooden block set. Use these pieces to create stacks, different designs, and recreation of real-life objects like cars to promote your child’s imagination.

The colourful rainbow wooden blocks set is a unique way to engage your child and help them understand various shapes, colours and sizes. The blocks are made from sturdy wood and acrylic and are safe for kids. Sorting blocks is a literal building block for visual perceptual skills, math skills and executive functioning skills.

This wooden block set can be easily packed and transferred to any bag and is a great travel partner for long journeys. Use this set along with the other wooden blocks you have to make a complete blocks collection for your genius toddler.

Product Details:

  • Learn Through Play: The colourful rainbow wooden blocks set promotes active play and imagination. Kids learn the concepts of cause and effect (that tower falls down if it is not balanced properly), reasoning (placing the blocks flat on each other so they don’t topple over), creativity, STEM concepts and many more.
  • Rainbow Blocks: The Rainbow Block set contains five basic shapes like square, rectangle, triangle, semi-circle and circles with colourful acrylic centres to attract your child’s attention. Early experiences with Rainbow building blocks stimulate the development of cognitive, spatial, language and problem-solving skills. Kids learn to recognise colours, shapes and objects. These skills are the building blocks for higher level tasks like math, reading and communication skills.
  • Portable: This wooden block set can be easily packed and transferred to any bag and is a great travel partner for long journeys.


  • Creativity: By using blocks as pretend cars, animals, trains etc kids experiment with imagination and creativity.
  • Shapes: Teach your child to identify various shapes. The set comes with blocks in various shapes like triangles, square, circle, semi-circle and rectangle.
  • Colours: The box set comes in attractive, basic colours like blue, pink, yellow and green.

Skill Development:

  • Hand-Eye coordination
  • Shape identification
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Fine Motor skills

Recommended Age: 12+ Months

More Details

Name Of Manufacturer/ Packer/ Importer : Nesta Toys

Address Of Manufacturer/ Packer/ Importer : Rayamma Niyalam plot no 495, phase 2 TNGO's colony Gachibowli Hyderabad 500032

Country Of Origin : China

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